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It's Time to realize Your STEM dreams

If you looking for a strategy tailored to building your science-based business, I’ve got you covered

STEM FoundHer Strategists

You've got goals and plans and need strategies and support to see them implemented. You don't mind sharing the floor with other ladies looking to see results in their businesses and would actually benefit from hearing how they are dealing with their challenges. Groups meet twice a month virtually. Each group is a mix of women from various backgrounds all looking to grow their business.

1:1 Coaching

Your head is full of ideas. You're on the road to burnout when you want to be on fire with momentum. You're feeling overwhelmed and just want some guidance and insight so you can get results... right? Whether you're looking for a one time strategy session or long-term coaching, your dream business and career help is waiting just on the other side of this screen.

Brainstorming Session

Feeling completely stuck and need to get some fresh ideas so you can make forward progress? I provide 1.5 hour brainstorming session where you are a guaranteed to walk away with a new idea to push yourself and your business or research forward or your money back.

AGILE Training Intensive

Have you found yourself working with some software programming geeks and need to know how to not only speak their 'language' but also manage them? I've got you covered. I provide a personalized 3 session training to let you hit the ground running with those teams and without any loss of credibility in the process.

Why Coaching for Women in Science

Research shows that the most productive individuals are those that integrate their work and home life in a managed framework. Women in Science are smart and tenacious, but don’t often find the support they need that meet their professional and personal needs.

What You Get

WISE Coaching with Yael is a game changer. You’ll grow and move towards becoming the best version of yourself. You’ll have strategy sessions, workbooks, planners, Q&A sessions to ensure you have what you need to grow your confidence and your skills to build the life of your dreams.