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WISE supports women in
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WISE ladies are tenacious in their pursuit of science, leadership & self-development so that they can find their own personal work-life balance that lets them leisurely hustle and achieve BIG results.

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Personal Development Resources

A couple of my favorite tools for personal development are the Pomodoro method for productivity hacking, FKL with Tonya Leigh for learning to leisurely hustle and set boundaries, and Clifton Strengths Finder for identifying your strenths.

That being said, hiring a coach can be a huge help for figuring out where you need the most help.

Project Templates

For Trello and Asana project templates, you may want to consider checking out my Instagram & Facebook for free resources I post regularly.

Don't get caught up in long ToDo lists that add to your feeling of overwhelm. Instead, identify your big goal, set a timeline, and break down the work to be done in manageable chunks that you can track and measure!


Passionate about your business or career, but struggle with the strategy for moving forward? You're not alone. A lot of women in Ag, Medicine and Research feel the same way. Sometimes you just need someone on the outside.

WISE Coaching might be your best bet! I can help with things like brainstorming new products, working less, &
how to get your projects organized.

WISE Networking

I don't currently offer Masterminds, but would love to in the near future. In the meantime, I CAN support you
via our Facebook group and social media.

I am a PhD with experience working in academia and startups that knows her way around the lab, the conference room, and the daily SCRUM , but also knows how to grow a successful business or within a business.

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